Learn More about Silicone and EPDM

The majority of our applications are in Silicone Rubber, ranging from 20 Shore A to 90 Shore A. We offer Dow Xiameter, Wacker and other generic brands with low costs as well. But the best option for you will depend on your application and priorities. 

Silicone Rubber - Wide Temperature Range, and good resistance to chemicals. Available in wider variety of colors and durometers, so used for keypads and buttons, or products requiring artwork. 

EPDM Rubber - Best choice for Outdoor applications. Withstands sunlight. ozone, UV rays, water rain and oxidization without becoming brittle. Not as resistant to chemicals as silicone, especially not suitable for Oil or Grease applications. 

NBR Rubber - Oil and Grease resistant. Limited Color Options but strong abrasion resistance. 

Specialty Materials - We also can manufacture parts made out of Foam (EPDM Closed Cell and Open Cell), as well as very soft 00 Shore A RTV silicones. These are sometimes challenging materials to work with, so contact us for more information.