Other Applications

Flexible and Cost-Effective

The features and benefits of Silicone Rubber mean our customers are always coming up with new applications. 

When it comes to your design, we offer:

-Silk screening and Laser Etching (for backlighting)

-Co-Molding and Different Dyed Silicone Rubbers

-And many more features for you to be creative with. 

Custom Silicone Products.png

The wide variety of options for Silicone Rubber Keypads means you can customize and tailor it to your exact needs. Give us a call even in the design phase, so you can be sure to understand all the options available, including: 

  • Backlighting - This involves an initial basecoat of paint, which we then laser etch away in the pattern, design or artwork of your choice.

  • Polyurethane Coatings - Matte or Glossy. A PU Coating adds a dust-proof coating to your keypad, which helps keep it clean for the long term. It also helps to protect any silkscreening done on the buttons. 

  • Custom Artwork and Painting - Submitted in PDF or .AI , we can transfer your artwork into CAD format for you and assist with the final renderings.