Custom Silicone Rubber Keypads

Rugged, Versatile & Cost Effective

There's many advantages and options available when it comes to using Silicone for your keypad, User Interface, or button application. 

CSP simplifies the design and manufacturing process, to save you time and energy. 

When you submit a model, it's evaluated and any design concerns are addressed before production. 

In addition, you always receive samples to sign off on before any production run goes ahead. 

The wide variety of options for Silicone Rubber Keypads means you can customize and tailor it to your exact needs. Give us a call even in the design phase, so you can be sure to understand all the options available, including: 

  • Backlighting - An initial basecoat of paint, which is laser etched away in the pattern, design or artwork of your choice. The laser etching allows an LED on the PCB to shine through. 

  • Dry Coatings - Polyurethane, Varnish or Acrylic. A dry coating is a necessary feature to keep your keypad dust and dirt free. your keypad. It also helps to protect any printing or artwork done on the buttons. 

  • Custom Artwork and Painting - Submitted in PDF or .AI , we can transfer your artwork into CAD format for you and assist with the final renderings.